May 10 2018

Dear Parents

Greetings from AIS. I am sure you will be happy to know that we are working on various programs to bring quality and system to our school and for our students. e.g. R&D Program, JROTC Program, SAN MATEO COLLEGES of Silicon Valley USA, and many more.

In this process we need your support and cooperation. Your ideas and concern you can share with me anytime by either coming to school with an appointment or writing me in the email list I am building up with parents (email – Also please add us to your face book account, so that you can see what our students are doing and what programs will be there in future (Facebook achieversinternationalschool). Please check our website in the news section for the latest news and information.

Soon we will complete this year, we are working hard to improve the quality of our system and school. We have introduced many new policies and methods for our staff and students. One of the policy is for the students to come to school in uniform. Please make sure that your child/children come to school wearing the school uniform. Your support into this matter is very very important.

School, education is our prime objective but the fact remains that it is a business too. And a business cannot be run without a proper financial arrangements. School has many obligations and dues that can be fulfilled only with finance. We request to the parents to understand this matter and support us by paying the fee in due time. Your support will help us to collect the resources in right time to be ready to use that recourse in appropriate time and way.

I know, fulfilling these obligations might be uncomfortable for you, but if we do not follow the rules, policies and the system, how can we bring quality to our work. Our staff are working hard to create that standard, but without your support, it is not possible to achieve it. I am sure you will understand and agree to our ways and methods.

Once again, I thank you for your support and assure you that we will do the best to create a quality and standard for our school and your child/children.

Please do write to me in the email given above and add us in your face book account.

I wish you a good day and assure you that with your support we will bring a new quality for our students.


Yours Sincerely