Saturday 5th of May 2018 AIS held the PTC for Nursery to grade 4 students. Parents were requested to come alone or with their children to meet their home room and subject teachers and talk about their progress.

Teachers explained to the parents the program of the school, AIS is not running with ESL program, instead of that AIS is a English Medium School where we handle the core foundation of education by subjects.

Parents were shown the activities of their children. They were also encouraged to give their suggestions and concerns. Most of our parents gave below suggestions

  • They want to see their children speak more English.
  • They suggested to encourage students more on reading and writings.
  • Few of the parents suggested on working with attitude of the student.
  • Few even suggested on some kind of punishment.
  • Few wanted to have extra activity like music or other sports.
  • Parents showed interest in communicating with the school regarding their children’s home work and readings, they wanted school to send them more informations on how we are conducting our courses.
  • Few parents showed their appreciation on our hard work and congratulated us.


This meeting parent’s attendance were about 40% despite of repeated request. We request our parents to get involved more with the school because education cannot be completed if we as a school and parents do not work hand in hand.


AIS is determined to improve the standard of education as a whole and we thank all the parents who took time to come and had a meeting with us. We are requesting parents to get more involved with the school in terms of their suggestions, concerns, ideas etc.

We again request our parents to be tentative and participative to bring a better improved education standard.