AIS has Variety of Courses Suited For Young Students and the Adult  Group

For the Regular Students we have full curriculum Education in English & in Khmer That follows us:
Nursery starting From age 2 this stage is the Foundation of any Children’s Life  In nursery Children Learn to Recognize, identify, pronounce and Memorize Words, Objects their Surroundings.
Children learn in a Fun way by singing, painting and Participating
Kinder garden 1& 2 – Children Starts their Formal Education in these Classes Still keeping Their
Imagination Practicing Writing and reading gives them the Foundation to develop Further.
Preschool– In this stage, the children are getting Ready to start the grades by reading, writing, Speaking and Understanding the difference among the Subjects
Primary School From Grade 1 to 6
Middle School From Grade 7 to 9
High School From Grade 10 to 12
In primary School Students Start learning the Major Subjects Academically  Subjects like science, maths, Social Science Language are the subjects Students learn to grasp the information in the subjects by written, verbal and Phoenix
In The Middle School -Each Subject get in Depth and children Learn by the participating and research  methods to learn the subjects in depth
This School Where Students are ready to evaluate, Compare, review, analyze, Describe, Explain Connect the Knowledge they have learned in  their Previous Classes and Learn Further to be ready to attain  the university level